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Wasim Akram

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Wasim Akram

With all apologies to Alan Davdison, Wasim Akram is the greatest left arm pace bowler of all time. His achievements in both forms of the game are unmatched. In the early days, Wasim was an out and out quick bowler. Over the years, he has added much variety to his bowling and become one of the most feared and respected opponents.

Few bowlers can disguise deliveries as well as Akram. His ability to move the ball both ways off the seam is almost legendary. The two deliveries that he bowled (to Allan Lamb and Chris Lewis) in the 1992 World Cup final are now part of cricketing lore. Seldom has one man dominated a final the way Akram did in 1992.

As a batsman, Akram has never realised his true potential. In the final analysis, that might go against him and prevent him being bracketed alongside the likes of Sobers, Botham, Kapil Dev and Imran Khan.

He has enjoyed much success as captain but internal wrangling and skirmishes with the establishment have resulted in his being replaced at the helm.

Now in the twilight of his career, he has his eyes trained on replacing Courtney Walsh as the leading wicket taker in Test matches. His record of over 400 wickets in limited overs matches is unlikely ever to be broken.

Career Statistics

M I NO Runs HS Ave 100 50 Ct St
100 143 18 2815 257* 22.52 3 7 43 -

Bowling Overs M Runs Wkts Ave Best 5W 10W SR Econ
3662.3 848 9478 409 23.17 7-119 25 5 53.7 2.58

M I NO Runs HS Avg 100 50 Ct St
311 244 43 3258 86 16.21 0 6 87 15

Overs M Runs Wkts Avg Best 5w 4w SR ER
2659.5 208 10266 431 23.82 5-15 5 16 37.03 3.86



7/14/2006 7:41:02 AM
Jaganath.G.K said:

Wasim Akram is a great bowler.He is to bowl inswing to the right handers which is very tough to play.It is his one of the speciality.He swings the ball to the sticks.The Coming generations can more from him by seeing his matches he had played.


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