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What is the latest news?

South Africa defeat Sri Lanka

The South Africans taught a lesson to the Sri Lankans
when they defeated them by an innings and 229 runs.
This was the most disastrous defeat for the Sri
Lankans since their debut in Test cricket.
The summarized scores were,

Sri Lanka: 95 and 180
South Africa: 504 for 7 declared.

What is the latest news?

Pakistan lose to England

The visiting England team clinched their first ever series in Pakistan by defeating them at Karachi. Pakistan had never lost a Test at the National Stadium Karachi since it was established. It was a shame for the Pakistanis and the English people were over joyed with the win. They never expected it since they were very lowly rated and it was their sheer commitment that got them through.

What is the latest news?

Zimbabwe beat New Zealand

The Kiwis lost the one day series to the Zimbabweans 2-1 after a thrilling performance by the Zimbabweans. The Kiwis had earlier drawn the one-off test held earlier.

What is the latest news?

Australia whitewash West Indies

The Australians continue their dominance over the
world of cricket as they whitewash West Indies 5-0 to
retain the Frank Worrell Trophy.
They are the first ever team to inflict such a heavy
defeat on the West Indies.

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