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Who has the highest wickets?

Highest Wickets

Courtney Walsh of West Indies holds the record of taking the highest number of Test Wickets, 493 to be exact. It has taken him around 130 Tests and is going great guns to reach the 500 milestone even at the age of 37. His next assignment is South Africa's tour of West Indies and it is expected that he will reach the milestone there.

what is a world cup?

The World Cup

The world cup is the mega event of cricket just like
for Soccer or any other sport. All the teams that
play cricket internationally participate in it. It
is help after every four years on a rotation basis.
The team who wins the tournament is crowned the world
champions of ODIs for the next four years. There have
been seven world cups so far and out of them West
Indies and Australia have won it twice, Pakistan,
India, Sri Lanka have won it once.
The latest was held in 1999 in England and it was won
by Australia.

Who is a runner?

Highest Wickets in ODIs

This record is held by Wasim Akram of Pakistan. He has so far taken 432 wckets and is leading by more than a hundred wickets. He has played 311 one dayers and is fit enough to play for another 2-3 years where he can take this record to newer heights. He also holds the distinction to be the only person to have taken two hat-tricks in ODIs and also two in Test cricket. Wasim Akram is the best left arm bowler that anybody has seen.

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