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What is a One Day International?

One Day International (ODI)

As opposed to a Test Match, ODIs are very short and exciting. The match ends in one day and everybody is happy. In this each team is allotted 50 overs and the team who scores more runs wins the match in those 50 overs. There are both day and day-night matches held nowadays as well.

What is the ICC?


International Cricket Council (ICC) is the main governing body for cricket. Its job is just that of FIFA in Soccer to regulate the game. The ICC is responsible for the whole conduct of the game and it has powers to give the Test and ODI status to any aspiring country. All the Test playing nations are full-time members of ICC while there are others who do not have Test playing status but have a say in it. The ICC is also responsible for the development of the game and has devised many strategies to try ad spread the game around to many parts of the world.

How do I dustinguis between the two sides of the ground?

On-Side and Off-Side

For the right-handed batsman, the part of the ground that is on his left side is known as the on-side. It is the complete reverse for the left-handed batsman.
Whereas the right-hand side for the right-handed batsman is known as the off-side and vice versa for the left-handed batsman.

Who is a runner?


The player acting as a runner for a batsman shall be a member of the batting side
and shall, if possible, have already batted in that innings. The runner shall wear external protective equipment equivalent to that worn by the batsman for whom he runs and shall carry a bat.

Who is a substitute?


A team is allowed to have substitutes for a player if that particular player is ill or injured. The substitute can only field in his place. He shall not be allowed to bat or bowl nor to act as wicket-keeper or as captain on the field of play. The opposing captain has to agree on the use of substitutes so that there is no misuse this facility.

Who is a Spinner?


A spinner is a bowler who bowls slowly and the ball turns after pitching. There are two types of spinners, leg- and off-spinners. The famous spinners of the game are Shane Warne of Australia, Saqlain Mushtaq of Pakistan, Anil Kumble of India and others. They are all known for their variety in the spin department and are master of their art.

What is a Test Match?

Test Match

The test match has a stipulated five days and it has to go on for that time. The teams have to get each other out twice and the one that has scored more runs, combined from the two innings, than the other is the winner. Each day 90 overs have to be bowled. There are also draws in this types of match when five days have elapsed and no team is able to get the other out twice to force a result.

How do you define a leg spinner?

Leg Spinner

He is a type of spin-bowler who bowls the ball with a low trajectory and the ball after pitching turn towards the batsman's off side i.e. it starts to deviate away from him. These are very intelligent bowlers and it is very difficult to pick the turn when it leaves their hand. The famous leg-spinners of today are Shane Warne of Australia, Abdul Qadir of Pakistan and Anil Kumbe of India.

How do I go to the front foot?

Front Foot

While playing a shot, a batsman goes to the front foot or back foot. On the front foot a right-handed batsman will put his left foot forward and then play his short and a left-handed player will put his right leg forward to play a shot.

How do I distinguish between an of-spinner and leg-spinner?


He is just the opposite of a leg-spinner. The ball turns towards the leg-side after it pitches and this causes the left-handed batsman to be more cautious as for them this is a leg-spinner. The famous off-spinners of are Saqlain Mushtaq and Tauseef Ahmed of Pakistan.

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